Christ Has Set Us Free | Feel Free Blog - Day 1

Today’s Reading
“For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.” (Galatians 5:1 ESV)

Have your head and your heart ever been misaligned? For most people (and for most of our time), our head leads our heart or our heart leads our head. That means that your feelings are driven by your thoughts, or your thoughts are driven by your feelings. Right or wrong, that is how everyone walks through life.

But, what if you walk through a season where neither is leading the other, a season where your head and your heart are misaligned? Think about it: you know the truth, but you feel differently. I have spent some time there recently, and it’s a very unsettling place.

Recently, I lost a friend through an unfortunate circumstance. Without going into all the details, it was a suicide and it really shook my world and community. It seemed as if all of us in her circle were walking in a similar place of head and heart misalignment, as we all knew (head) there was nothing we could have done, but we all felt (heart) guilt as if we didn’t do enough.

This blog isn’t meant to be about suicide or that specific situation, but I think it helps make the point that head and heart misalignment is a reality. I’ve seen it so much in the body of Christ as well. This verse in Galatians really speaks this condition.

Christ has set us free. That is truth. That is from the scripture we just read. And it’s past tense, so there’s nothing more to do. If you’re in Christ, you have been set free.

But many of us don’t feel free, do we? We feel the “yoke of slavery.” We feel like failures. We feel like sinners without hope. We feel like giving up.

That, my friends, is head and heart misalignment. Do you know what the cure is? Believing the truth in-spite of what you feel. You have to let truth ground you and make a level playing field. It is the only thing that can lead us out of misalignment. The truth for Christians is that Christ has set us free, so you don’t need to keep feeling like you’re not free.

Throughout this month, you’ll hear more on how to practically do this through the series, your group, and these blogs. Make it a priority to get your head and your heart aligned!

1. What truth do you need to start believing and feeling?
2. How would believing that truth change your life?

“Jesus, help me to believe Your truth about me. Thank You for setting me free! Let me be grounded in truth – the truth that comes from You. In Your name, amen.”