Reaching the World for Christ

Today’s blog is written by April Stumme, an author at World Help.

“My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.” (John 15:12)

The Bible is full of commands to love in a big way. We are called to generosity and passion that helps people discover the revolutionary love of Jesus. One village in Guatemala was introduced to that love because of you.

As a church, The Point chose to love the village of Curva Del Pino, Guatemala. Because of your generosity toward The Village Project, this community now has resources and tools that will transform lives for generations to come. Children were blessed with a new school building with electricity, school bathrooms, and a playground with a basketball court. Families were blessed with food, fruit trees to provide reliable income, clean water, and sturdy homes. And the community was blessed with a church building and Bibles.

Your generosity also provided the local pastor with a new home and the support to continue ministering to the village and telling people about the Good News of Jesus Christ. But transforming a village isn’t the only way you’ve loved those in need. You’ve sent relief to hurricane victims. You’ve provided Bibles for Iraqi refugees. And you’ve transformed another village in Cuba.

World Help has a mission to provide help for today and hope for tomorrow to those in need, and The Point is doing exactly that. World Help is a Christian humanitarian organization serving the physical and spiritual needs of people in impoverished communities around the world. For the past 26 years they have been devoted to meeting the needs of the whole person — both physically and spiritually.

By sending relief, food, education, and more, you are providing help. And your gifts of a church, Bibles, and pastor support are reaping a hope that will never die. God showed us incredible love by sending His Son to give us eternal life. And you are reflecting that same magnificent love to people in need.

From Charlottesville to Guatemala to Cuba and beyond, you are reaching the world for Christ; you are giving people a better future and the chance to learn about a Savior who can transform their lives for eternity. We are so thankful for our partnership with you and that the people of The Point have such generous hearts to give another suffering person a brighter future.

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