Back to PVCC – Why it’s a Great Time of Year!

Every summer, The Point relocates to PVCC (Piedmont Virginia Community College) to the Dickinson Building. This summer, we will move there on June 17th, which happens to be this Sunday! Our time at PVCC every year is always special, as we get to change up our format a little bit. This year is no different, and we’ve got some great plans for The Point while we are there. You’ll have to be there to experience it all, so I won’t give too much away on this blog!

While excitement accompanies change, quite often fear and anxiety accompanies change as well. I think about what Israel must have felt as they were moving through the wilderness for 40 years, trying to make a temporary home every chance they could. I think of the Levites, and how they would have to pack up the tabernacle (which was the tent where they worshipped), move it, and set it up again over and over and over. The fact that they didn’t have five 24ft trailers to move their worship environment just makes it even more complicated!

There are stories of Israel on the move all in the Old Testament books of Exodus, Numbers, Judges, and Joshua. But one thing was for sure… where they went, the Spirit of the Lord went as well. God ordained their journey, and was always with them. The same is true for the church, and for The Point. Where we go, the Spirt of the Lord goes as well.

You’ll see the Spirit at work in the auditorium as our adults worship, and hear powerful messages from the parables of Jesus. We’ve got an incredible series called “The Storyteller” kicking off this Sunday.

You’ll see the Spirit at work in our students, as StudentLife will be gathering each week at PVCC to grow in God’s Word through their large-group time, and their small-group time.

You’ll see the Spirit at work in KidsPoint, as our children worship and engage in crafts and lessons that teach them Gospel-truths. Kids will absolutely love the environments we’ve prepared for them this year at PVCC.

We as a staff are so excited about what God will be doing over these seven weeks at Piedmont Virginia Community College. Be sure to join us every Sunday at PVCC, 9:30am or 11:00am. You can join us online each week as well, on our website or on our app. We’ll see you this Sunday!

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