Go Beyond Your Walls

Today’s blog is written by Christine Smiley. Read as she shares her experience on the REACH Mexico trip!

Today’s Reading
He refreshes my soul. He guides me along the right paths for his name’s sake. -Psalm 23:3

For years we talked about taking a mission trip. Yet, we never took it seriously as individuals or as a family. One day, we heard about another mission trip taking place with The Point. This was different. We promptly said “lets go”. We didn’t even know why we just felt God’s nudge pushing us forward. Ready or not Mexico here we come as a family!

When Jacob was dying, he stated prophetic blessings on his sons. In Gen. 49:22, Joseph is a fruitful vine, a fruitful vine near a spring, whose branches climb over a wall. In further scripture Jacob describes Joseph’s future is bountiful, thriving, walled-in garden planted next to a well. The garden is so lush the branches grow over the wall and reach out into neighboring areas. Jacob also states because his reach went beyond the walls, God will increase Joseph’s blessing. He was still hurt by many yet, he went beyond his walls.

We prayed individually for God to show us how we can minister to others. With open hearts we were off. God showed us how to minister to others and much more! He not only opened my heart in ways I never expected but, he showed me where I needed to go beyond my walls. I shared with the team one morning I was embarrassed, I had an impatience before arriving with those of other languages. I never realized. But, one evening as two talented ladies sang simultaneously one in spanish and one in english God whispered to me both voices sing to me and I hear both. I broke. From that moment I knew I needed to get out of my box and begin to reach out to more people. This includes more mission trips but, also all around me. This is one example how God used this trip to minister to me.There were countless others with our family and the entire team.

We spent a week with a missionary family. We lived a week in their everyday lives. We witnessed first hand how many hours they invest in the ministry. From building a roof on a kitchen and a bathroom for a ministry that gives food to the children, helping with VBS, to going in a village where some have never heard of Jesus and inviting them to the pop up church service we were holding in their village. By the end of the week, we did not want to leave what we saw God doing in Mexico and his people.

Lord, I pray each person goes beyond their walls.I pray an increased blessing over each as they share what God has done for them. I pray you give us a boldness to send a vine out to others to share Jesus and not keep him to ourselves. In Jesus name, Amen.

Are you interested in going on one of the REACH mission trips? Visit thepointva.com/reachcountries for more information.