Content in Today’s Material World

Today’s Reading

“Do not let your heart envy sinners, but always be zealous for the fear of the Lord.”

Proverbs 23:17 NIV

Sometimes I look around and think, “How in the world did these people afford that HUGE house and that Mercedes! I should be able to get that too!”  Or, “Wow, my friends are still about to go out most nights!? Must be nice to go out and do whatever you want all the time!”  The list goes on. 

Why do we think like this?  Unfortunately, we are all subject to comparison, but that’s why we need to constantly look to the LORD!

I’m not saying that if you have a huge house and drive a nice car, you’re a sinner. There are people who are deeply rooted in material possessions.   SO many people look to earthly things in order to fill a void in their heart that they can’t seem to fill.

People in biblical times had this problem.   It’s human nature to compare.  But comparing doesn’t need to lead to envy.  

I had an envious heart.   People I was close to bought extravagant things to fill the void in their lives.  It was not obvious what they were doing at first, but by God’s grace, I now see.  Now, I look at them with sadness.  They could have so much more than these earthly things, and it’s free!  The great price has already been paid by Christ.  They just need to simply accept it.  Unfortunately, people like this will continue to look for things to make them content, and they will never find it.  

Why envy that?!?  There’s no truth in earthly material.  It’s all distraction.  

How about another take:

All of us are sinners.

Doesn’t it always seem as though some people get away with everything?  

Example:  Two believers were speeding.   One of them gets a ticket, the other doesn’t.  Could the one that gets the ticket be envious of the other?  Absolutely.  Both believers ignored the laws of the land.  Both technically broke the law.  Instead of being envious of getting out of the situation- realize that in fact you both have the same Father and are both in the wrong- one of you just didn’t get “wacked”.  

Can you imagine what our lives would be like if we were 100% every second of our days just zealous for our LORD?!  We need a paradigm shift in our thinking- which focuses beyond worldly material.    Instead of seeing someone with an envious eye- pray for them. Recognize that earthly rewards are deceptions towards the ultimate reality.   


Is your heart envious?  Is it hard to compare yourself to others without envying them?  If so, why?


God, I thank you for continually showing me grace even though I always fall short on worldly things.  I pray that you melt away my envious heart but keep me centered and focused on what truly matters, and that is you,  your law, and your love. I pray for complete contentment in you.  In Jesus’ name; amen