My Father is always working!

Jesus said, “My Father is always working” (John 5:17). We brag about OUR daddies; He brags about HIS Daddy. Recently, I got a rare glimpse “behind the veil” that covers everything that God does for us and protects us from… things that we don’t normally get to see.

A plumber came to fix a leak in my garage wall. He told me to call a roofer and referred one who could come out that day. (For some reason, there seemed to be a sense of urgency inspired by God.)  The roofers plugged some holes and were leaving when the older guy told the rookie to get the big ladder down – – he sent him way up the side of the house to a higher point in the wall. There was something that looked odd to him. He just wanted to check it out. The younger guy climbed way up, looked at a very small hole in the wall, pulled something out and yelled, “I found the source of the leak. But you have a bigger problem”.

He reached deep into the exterior wall and pulled out a smoldering PVC drainage pipe. The clear pipe was charred through in places; glowing bright red in other places.  It was too hot to touch. There was an insulation “no freeze” wire wrapped around the pipe, which had malfunctioned. Both men looked at me, incredulous and shaken up. God might have just used them to save my house and my life.

This was very deep in the wall. At least the whole side of my wooden house might have been burning, before a smoke alarm would have gone off.  By the time any of my neighbors noticed anything – – it might’ve been too late. But GOD SAW. And my Father, Who “is always working”, took care of it!  God showed me what He just saved me from, and the picture of that PVC pipe is a perfect example of the enemy’s intentions, how God saves us, what He saves us from, and how He solves all sorts of problems that we never even know about! 

A plumber came to find a leak, and instead a roofer found a fire! It was a burning “secret time bomb”, and God exposed it! He rescued me and I’m sure it’s one of countless times that He has rescued me. I have deep, sweet sleep, total confidence, and many hallelujahs. And I’m nobody special. What He does for me, He does for you. All the time.

Father, thank You that You are always working on our behalf. Thank You that NOTHING ever surprises You! Thank You that You are “El Roi”, the God Who sees (Gen. 16:13) what the one who came to “steal, kill and destroy” is doing, and You save us regularly!  Thank You for how You love and take care of Your family all the time.  I am so grateful. I love You back. Let my life honor You.